..but I never win ANYTHI..

That is, I used to think that. I stumbled upon Lisa Hillyer’s profile on Facebook a few times through another page I follow (Tara Drennan, Psychic Medium), who I found through a colleague (hi Carly!) who follows her. Talk about the theory of Six Degrees of Separation!

Getting back on track now – Lisa’s page, philosophy and heart are all so beautiful! I love her inspiring story of choosing to turn away from that which was not serving her, and bravely facing her fears in order to create a whole new life for herself! Check her out here

Earlier this month, she posted a giveaway on Facebook for a package of three amazing gifts – what really blew me away was that each item in the package all represented something I had been thinking about recently. The book, Untethered Soul was sitting in my Amazonfullsizerender wish list, I had been waiting for a symbol of where I am at in my life (the Moonstone bracelet), and I had been looking into the benefits of essential oils and how they enhance well-being – how fitting that the doTERRA Passion blend is formulated to inspire creativity and joy!

So, tag and share I did, thinking that I would just treat myself to the book next payday. Valentine’s Day brought the totally unexpected email from Lisa letting me know I won the package! Once I got over the surprise, I emailed Lisa to thank her, and to let her know with these words, how much I appreciated this gift;

“The end of 2016 brought me closure and profound healing to many obstacles that had held me back through my entire life. Now, with 2017 well underway, I have embarked on a new journey to honour my gifts and to live with freedom, love and purpose.”

510b2c99-f471-4550-8715-e6dda3ee931eThe package arrived a few days ago, with a beautiful message inside.  I’m in love with the oil, which features a luscious blend of Cardamom Seed, Cinnamon Bark, Ginger, Clove, Sandalwood, Jasmine Flower, Vanilla Bean and Damiana. Lastly, I am waiting for the right inspiration before follow the instructions accompanying the bracelet. Lisa is in Calgary and I hope to meet her in person on my next trip there!




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