I am not here to tell my story, although readers will certainly learn about my experiences in my writings. My purpose is to inspire and help readers not only own their story, but to choose how their story ends. For so long, I had the first part nailed. My story was me, struggling to be me amongst trauma and pain, and resiliency and the frantic fighting of forces that tried to break me. Only recently was I able to figure out the second part; how to rewrite the ending. See my first blog post here for more.

I am driven to support women in their journey toward wholeness, peace, and healing. To celebrate with them as they leave behind pain and trauma, and embrace their vibrancy and begin to live with purpose and authenticity. I encountered so much in my many journeys to walk away from that which was destroying me. I am still rebuilding after so many times of losing everything I ever worked for, including the things that nobody should have to question as off limits, such as my dignity, free will and bodily autonomy.

The resources you will find in future posts pertain to healing and nurturing our inner beings, addressing the failings of a society that marginalises women and youth, sharing helpful resources, and encouraging us to support one another. Sometimes I will simply present off the wall analogies of things that happen in my daily life that will probably make you question if I should consider medication.

Regardless of your path, I hope you find inspiration here in The Air In Between.

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Bio: Outside of my gratifying career in assisting people living with anti-inflammatory disease, I am a publicist, marketing consultant, writer, photographer, business operations manager, women’s advocate, change coach and lover of all things furry or fluffy. I have four of the most beautiful, compassionate children around, the love of a good man, and two point five grand-babies. My journey has been a difficult one, and I am passionate about helping others on their own journey toward wholeness.