You know that awesome feeling when you receive a real letter in the mail, written by a real person who used an actual pen to write your name and address on the envelope?  That feeling of knowing it was a real person who manually folded the letter and put it in an actual envelope and mentally prepared themselves for the possibility of getting a paper cut on their tongue as they licked the envelope flap to seal it, grimacing at the taste of the glue?

When you use this form to send me a message, it kind of feels like that.

Contact Me FAQs

Q: Will I find myself having to spend the rest of my days deleting annoying email messages because I got onto some email newsletter list when I only wanted to drop Christine a line to tell her how awesome she is, or that her latest post made me cry from laughter or that there is a modifier obscenely dangling in paragraph four of her latest blog post?

A: NO.

Q: What if I want to be on Christine’s email newsletter list?

A: There isn’t an email newsletter, so there isn’t an email newsletter list.

Q: Who will see the content of the message I send using this form?

A: Only me, but if I feel readers will benefit from what you send me, I will contact you and ask if I can pretty please quote you or work your message into a future blog post. I can’t pay you for it, but depending on how mad I am at my kids, cats or husband on that particular day, you might receive an offer for any or all of them.

Q. Did you know there is a fly in the header image to this page?

A. Yes, and I hope he doesn’t see this blog because I didn’t get a Media Release form from him and I really can’t handle a law suit right now.